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2001 Results

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Me & my Schwinn

    April 14 - Well our debut weekend for my sister and I didn't go too smooth!
    Major renovations at the WhiteMarsh track which were obviously aimed at the teen-aged expert riders postponed Geli's BMX debut due to the fact she tried one lap and crashed about 5 times and never made it around. She will hopefully keep practicing until she gets the hang of it. Which if the track remains the same, may not happen in the near future. We were really disappointed in the track changes, and we weren't the only ones.
    It took Scotty about 5 or 6 laps and about 5 or 6 crashes to get around the track all the way. But he did finally get around it.
    Moto One. Five riders in the race and Scotty started in the worst lane. Lane number one. At White Marsh, lane one leads you right into the haybales. The third jump before the 1st turn is looking to be the worst to most of the riders. A kid crashed directly in front of Scotty. He missed him but still finished fourth.
    Moto Two. Four riders in the race and Scotty started in lane 3. This time 2 kids got together and crashed in front of him at the new BIG double jump which replaced the tabletop of last year. Scotty finished 2nd in this moto, but only one rider transferred. That was Frankie Herr.
    Moto Three. Three riders in this race, and only two would transfer to the main event. This was by far Scotty's best race of the day. No crashes in front of him as he led the riders through the first half of the race, then they sqeezed in on him and got past him by the Superman turn. Scotty finished third, and therefore did not transfer to the main.
    A dissapointing week as far as racing or bringing home any hardware, but at least with the track changes Scotty came home with only bruises and a hurt ego, and NOT any BROKEN BONES!!!
    Oh well.... maybe next week.

    April 20 - We got up early Saturday after a night of heavy rain on Friday.
    When we arrived at the track all of the new clay surface was very soggy. Scotty and Geli practiced on the rythmm section for a while. We were just waiting around for the other riders to arrive and possibly work in the track. Well no matter how much the other riders rode the track it never seemed to dry up or pack down. Scotty tried a lap but was unsuccessful due to unbelievable mud build up which made it impossible for him to pedal. We withdrew from the event and packed up and headed home.

    WMBMX Schedule

    Below are the scheduled dates. Due to the fact that we live 1 hour away from the track, and I am currently without a major sponsor, I will more than likely be running a limited schedule. My race days will most likely be Sunday, with the exception of Memorial Day weekend, which I will race on Saturday so I can watch the Indy 500 with my family on Sunday. Here is the tentative 2002 WMBMX Racing Schedule. Underlined dates are those in which we will most likely be competing in.

      Sunday April 14th 8a.m. - 5 points earned
      Sunday April 20th 9a.m. - 0 points earned
      Saturday April 27th 9a.m.
      Sunday April 28th 8a.m.

      Saturday May 6th 9a.m.
      Sunday May 7th 8a.m.
      Saturday May 11th 9a.m.
      Sunday May 12th 8a.m.
      Saturday May 18th 9a.m.
      Sunday May 19th 8a.m.
      Saturday May 18th 9a.m.
      Sunday May 19th 8a.m.
      Saturday May 25th 9a.m.
      Sunday May 26th 8a.m.

      Saturday June 1st 9a.m.
      Sunday June 2nd 8a.m.
      Saturday June 8th 9a.m.
      Sunday June 9th 8a.m.
      Saturday June 15th 9a.m.
      Sunday June 16th 8a.m.
      Saturday June 22nd 9a.m.
      Sunday June 23rd 8a.m.
      Saturday June 29th 9a.m.
      Sunday June 30th 8a.m. (Race for Life Double Points)

      Saturday July 6th 9a.m.
      Sunday July 7th 8a.m.
      Saturday July 20th 9a.m.
      Sunday July 21st 8a.m.
      Saturday July 27th 9a.m.
      Sunday July 28th 8a.m.

      Friday August 2nd 5:30p.m.
      Saturday August 3rd 9a.m. (Double Points State Qualifier)
      Sunday August 4th 8a.m. (Triple Points Redline Cup Qualifier)
      Saturday August 10th 9a.m.
      Sunday August 11th 8a.m.
      Saturday August 17th 9a.m.
      Sunday August 18th 8a.m.
      Saturday August 24th 9a.m.
      Sunday August 25th 8a.m.
      Saturday August 31st 9a.m.

      Sunday September 1st 8a.m. (MD State Championships Triple Points)
      Saturday September 7th 9:a.m.
      Sunday September 8th 8a.m.
      Saturday September 14th 9:a.m.
      Sunday September 15th 8a.m.
      Saturday September 21st 9:a.m.
      Sunday September 22nd 8a.m.
      Saturday September 28th 9:a.m.
      Sunday September 29th 8a.m.

      Saturday October 5th 9a.m.
      Sunday October 6th 8a.m.(Double Points)
      Saturday October 12th 9a.m.
      Sunday October 13th 8a.m.
      Saturday October 19th 9a.m.
      Sunday October 20th 8a.m.
      Saturday October 26th 9a.m.
      Sunday October 27th 8a.m.

      Saturday November 2nd 9a.m.
      Sunday November 3rd 8a.m.
      Saturday November 9th 9a.m.
      Sunday November 10th 8a.m.
      Saturday November 16th 9a.m.
      Sunday November 17th 8a.m.
      Saturday November 23rd 9a.m.
      Sunday November 24th 8a.m.

Hope to see you at the track!

ScottyBMX since 10-2001
6 Novice