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Friends come in all sizes, shapes, colors and ages at WMBMX


My Sister, My friend & Me!
This is me, my little sister & my friend Jessica hanging out
in the pit area at WMBMX during the 2Xpoints race.

My friend Jessica
Jessica atop the starting hill at WMBMX.

Flyin Brian Welch!
Brian competes in the Cruiser 15s and the 15 experts at White Marsh BMX.

Tim Burke & my lil sister Geli
Tim Burke and his adoring fan... my little sister.

Daniel Foley
Daniel races in 11 year old intermediates.

Jammin Jimmy
Jimmy is Jessicas little racing brother.

Alex All-X
Alex is an 8 year old expert.

Me & Daniel
Daniel & me on our 16 inchers at the table top.

My friend Josh
Josh is now an Expert racer for next season.

My friend Stan
Stan awaits his Main event in the pit area.

Respect your elders
These are the old men of the races. They are fast!

My lil sister
Geli sipping her hyper-drink in the pits.

ScottyBMX since 10-2001
6 Novice